Irina Herself  

Irina is the designer and founder of Irina Samkova. She is a yogini, dance, nature lover, a seeker and appreciator of life. Her designs are inspired by life, as an organic expression of inner and outer harmony. The clothing that she creates began as an intention to adorn herself with apparel that flows seamlessly with her lifestyle, while also supporting it. This intention began to blossom as a personal re-envisioning of the way clothing is made, engendering a new sense of value within the process of creation and production. The attire that she creates serves as a reminder that every action can become a powerful ritual that brings fresh presence to each moment. Eventually it became apparent that it was time to share this luxury of wearing simple yet beautiful clothing that inspires and uplifts you. This choice embodies an awareness that reflects back on every aspect of life. What we wear becomes an expression of ecological balance. 

The apparel represents the conscious utilization of the resources that are so generously given to us by nature. They are not a fashion statement, but a form of personal and social empowerment. They are the expression of that which has been made consciously with appreciation and understanding of the energy and resources required to produce clothing which becomes a part of your life-ritual.